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Mortgage Lead Vault has numerous mortgage loan portals that receive high traffic and a significant amount of quality mortgage leads from consumers that want to refinance, purchase or request a loan modification from a lending professional.
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With the rates seemingly breaking records each month for the lowest mortgage rates ever being recorded, it is safe to say that we are currently experiencing another “refi boom.”  A few years ago, loan companies began to shift away from marketing to borrowers that wanted to refinance towards consumers that wanted help financing a home.

It’s clear that as the housing market recovers that homeowners will seek home equity and cash refinance loans. That shift in marketing didn’t last long because the rates kept falling and for the average company the process of home refinancing was easier than it was for purchase mortgage transactions. The reality is that more applicants are looking online to compare mortgage refinance programs.

Most lenders prefer the refinance loans because the borrower is more familiar with the process and in most cases ready to move forward with a new loan if it can save them money. There are external factors that often slow down the home purchase process, such as sellers accepting an offer and home buyers being ready to move on a specific property. With fixed refinance rates as low as 3% it is not hard to understand why lenders have focused their mortgage marketing plans on existing homeowners that could save money quickly from refinancing.

The Mortgage Lead Vault has found that most lending companies are committing their resources to service the refi boom. We believe this has created a new opportunity for lenders who market to new home buyers. The increased refinance activity has  caused the price per lead to rise for refinance leads while the price per purchase lead has decreased nearly 20% in the last eighteen months.



Now more than ever it is important that loan companies maximize internet mortgage leads, because they are cost-effective and can be managed pretty easily with today’s technology. Mortgage company owners and sales managers trust internet mortgage leads, because they are easily distributed and the conversion rates are consistent.

I noticed that Loan Bright was sending out emails with the subject line, “Internet Leads Suck”. I had to give them credit because; I found it interesting that a lead generation company would send bulk-emails saying this. That’s like the Lakers doing a press conference leading with, Kobe Bryant is no good.”  As I continued to read more, they quickly turned it into a pitch to buy there leads but it got me thinking — They were right, internet mortgage leads can difficult to convert if you do not have the right approach. This type of mortgage marketing needs to have a pragmatic approach for successful loan origination.

Higher Conversions with Internet Mortgage Leads

The Mortgage Lead Vault provides a wide variety of home loan leads in all 50 states in an effort to help loan companies maximize the lending niches. Online mortgage leads can be tricky if you find yourself buying marketing from lead brokers rather than lead generators.

Find out why thousands of lenders, brokers and banks continue to purchase internet mortgage leads from MLV every year. Our internet mortgage marketing team generates thousands of mortgage leads every day.

• Save money with a blended mix of refinance and purchase leads

• Choose Filters like, rate and term refinance, cash out, home improvement, home purchase, etc.

• Conventional, FHA leads, VA leads, USDA leads, Debt leads, Loan Modification Leads, etc.

• No set up fees charged

• Flexible policy for lead returns

• Choose from Live, Real Time and Aged mortgage leads

Are you ready for internet mortgage marketing solutions that work? Let’s get started, call us now at 619-600-5720.

The Mortgage Lead Vault has been arming loan originators since 2000. We had record year for mortgage lead generation in 2010, connecting nearly a million mortgage leads to over 5,000 lending companies nationally.