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Mortgage Lead Vault has numerous mortgage loan portals that receive high traffic and a significant amount of quality mortgage leads from consumers that want to refinance, purchase or request a loan modification from a lending professional.
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Brokers who deal in mortgages know that obtaining worthwhile leads can be difficult in this highly competitive industry.  If you are interested in buying internet mortgage leads you will soon come to realize that online mortgage leads have many benefits over other lead-obtaining methods.  Along with understanding the benefits, you will also want to know what sources to turn to online that allow you to choose filters, states, loan type, loan amount, and more.  Customizing your leads like this is very important to benefiting the most from them.

  • FHA Leads
  • Mortgage Refinance Leads
  • Purchase Leads

According to a recent survey of mortgage companies, lenders are not looking for stated income loans or leads from borrowers with bad credit.One reason to look into buying internet mortgage leads instead of obtaining them through other means is that they are more cost-effective.  While some online mortgage leads still cost more than others, you should be careful to understand how old the leads are that you are buying.  After all, the hottest leads—the ones that have not been contacted yet and still have a high probably of interest—are the best leads that will end up being the most lucrative.  Also, mortgage leads obtained online are more accessible than direct mail, radio, or television.  Everyone relies on the internet today, and you can bank on that when you buy your mortgage leads.

Cost-Effective and Accessible Online Mortgage Leads

One popular source to turn to is called Lending Tree.  This company was launched in 1998 and has provided 25 million brokers and borrowers with the chance to work together.  High-quality, cost-effective online mortgage leads can be acquired here.  Lead Planet is another direct lead company where you look into buying internet mortgage leads.  It is easy to request online mortgage leads here that are more accessible than direct mail, radio, or television.  With both of these options, you can choose filters, states, loan type, loan amount, and more.  Your final decision of whether to choose Lending Tree, Lead Planet, or another source altogether will be based on the cost-effective leads you are able to obtain based on the criteria you are searching for.

Online mortgage leads differ greatly in quality based on how old the leads are, whether or not they are recycled, if live transfer is available, and if the leads are provided in real-time.  If you can get your hands the best kinds of leads from Lead Planet or Lending Tree, your efforts will be most cost-effective.  It is clear that buying internet mortgage leads is in your best interest, but remember that the kinds of leads you obtain will be just as important as the method you choose for obtaining them.



Top 5 Mortgage Leads Requested

24th January 2011

Most loan professionals are aware that as lending guidelines change so does the demand for a variety of mortgage lead types.  As new loan programs arise, new lending niches are created and this changes the popularity for online mortgage leads.

In 2011 there could be a shift in internet mortgage leads requested.  Here are what we forecast as the most sought after leads this year.

1. FHA Leads This government program continues to support most brokers and lenders because the FHA mortgage programs have more flexible credit guidelines than conventional and jumbo loan products.

2. VA Leads – Once again, the VA loan product is the most aggressive loan for refinancing or buying. The only issue is that only military personnel, family or veterans qualify.

3.  Purchase Leads – The home buying market is coming back.  Rates remain very affordable and home prices have fallen to an appealing level for first time home-buyers and homeowners that plan to move in 2011.

4. Mortgage Refinance Leads – Let’s face it brokers and lenders are addicted to refinance leads but the volume will be down significantly from 2010 levels because rates are higher.

5. Reverse Mortgage Leads – There are still a lot of homeowners out there that will benefit from a reverse home loan.



Most loan companies can reference a bad experience buying online mortgage leads.  The sad reality is that it is much easier to fail at internet mortgage lead buying than it is to have success.  As the cost to originate loans continues to rise, the profit margins are thinning out you must be a good steward with your mortgage marketing dollars.

Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous lead brokers out there that are will to sell you fake or over-sold leads with a lot of promises that are rarely kept.  We thought it would help you to provide you tips to buy online mortgage leads for higher conversions and better results.  Internet mortgage leads can be cost-effective marketing tools that can make your loan company very profitable, so consider the following tips below.  Building a relationship with a genuine online mortgage marketer can be very difficult.  When the mortgage market crashed a few years ago, most online lead companies went under because the attrition of mortgage lead buyers was so great.  There are not as many subprime lenders extending credit in today’s market. Finding one that survived the market shake-down will be a challenging but crucial task for those in charge of a marketing budget for a loan company.

1. Find a Lead Company that Generates their own Mortgage Leads Online.  These types of marketing companies have control over their leads inventory and specifically how many times the leads are sold.  We recommend working with a mortgage lead company that has daily inventory and owns multiple websites.

2. Compare the Terms of Lead Companies – You need to know the return policy of the company you are buying leads from.  Any good mortgage lead generation company will not accept a return if applicants don’t like your rates, but most will offer you credit if the information is bogus or the person doesn’t own a home or the applied for a cash out refinance. Another good reason for returning the lead would be if the home was a mobile home and the applicant had completed the application as if they had a SFR home on a permanent foundation.

3. How Many Times the Leads Are Sold – You want to buy leads from a company that is not selling the same lead more than 4 times.  Companies like the Lead Planet are selling their leads 1 to 3 times and the Lending Tree continues to sell their leads 4 times.  Some lead companies are selling the same lead 10 times.  Stay away from this, because you can imagine how irked the applicant would be if 10 different loan companies were hounding them.

4. Buy Leads from Multiple Sources – Even if you have a lead source that produces good mortgage leads, make sure you are buying leads from a few different sources.  Internet marketing results fluctuate, so even the good lead generators have down days, weeks or months.  Do not put all your marketing eggs in one basket.



Lead Planet announced today a new promotion that includes free home loan leads for new accounts.  As of Oct. 25, the San Diego based mortgage marketing company is offering 50 free purchase leads with all 100 lead orders from new clients.  The Lead Planet specializes in internet mortgage leads that they generate from their 250 site network online.   The  “50 free lead program” is available for a limited time until November 15th, 2010.  Consider their mortgage marketing options like custom websites, SEO and custom lead generation campaigns.


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  • VA Leads
  • Refinance Leads
  • Debt Relief Leads
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To learn more about the free lead incentives, call 888-271-9581.



Mortgage Broker Leads

14th September 2010

Over the last twenty years mortgage broker leads have shifted from direct mail to internet mortgage marketing.  In 2010, U.S. Consumers are more likely to go online to search for mortgage brokers to help them get the best rate for refinancing or home buying.  If you would have told me that in 1995, when I started originated that people would prefer to go online to apply for a home loan I would have fell out of my chair laughing.  Back then, direct mail consistenly delivered quality mortgage leads, but a few years later everything changed with the advent of the internet.  Now consumers go online 24 hours a day and apply for a mortgage at their convience.  At the same time, loan professionals can now get internet mortgage leads 24 hours a day. 

We offer a wide range of live mortgage leads nationally.  Mortgage brokers can choose from the following types:

MLV is a mortgage lead provider that generated loan leads online for thousands of brokers and lenders every day.



Lead Generation Tips

25th August 2010 published a helpful report on lead generation. The marketing article is an indepth step by step on how to generate more mortgage leads. Once again, this report goes beyond mortgage lead generation in an effort to increase sales and conversions ratios.  

The focus is to implement a process of cultivating quality mortgage leads online that meet your lending niches.  The report breaks down several strategies recommended to deliver more relevant leads to your sales team.  For a limited time,, invites you to the B2B Marketing Summit 2010. 

Tips on Generating Leads Online

  • How to convert 11% more home loan leads in the first 24 hours of the loan shopping process.
  • How to uncover new opportunities within your mortgage lead generation campaigns with “mortgage turn-down” leads


Mortgage Lead Volumes Rise

05th August 2010

Lead Planet published their monthly mortgage lead survey yesterday.  The mortgage lead generation report surveys a wide range of mortgage websites across the United States and measures the volume of mortgage leads monthly.  According to the mortgage marketing company, mortgage leads rose almost 2% on a seasonally adjusted basis from one month prior.  This report is important to lenders and banks who want help buying mortgage leads and forecasting their monthly marketing budgets

Mortgage refinance lead volumes increased 1.9 % from the previous month.  According to MBA, home refinancing maintains a 78% of the market-share measuring the total applications (purchase and refinance).

Home purchase leads rose nearly 1.4% from one month earlier.  This was the 3rd straight month that mortgage refinance leads rose.  While this was the 1st month in the last 3 months that the purchase lead volume rose.  According to a Lead Planet spokesman, “New homebuyers have been a bit tentative since the homebuyer tax credit expired on April 30th.

The Mortgage Lead Vault offers a wide variety of mortgage loan leads. Loan companies can choose from  conventional, jumbo VA and FHA mortgage leads. We also offer debt settlement and loan modification leads to financial advisors and mortgage relief companies.



The Mortgage Bankers Association announced the latest finding for mortgage lead volumes in their report for the week ending July 2, 2010.  The mortgage industry gages consumer interest against MBA’s Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey.  Mortgage marketing executives and lead generation companies like the MBA report as well, because it signals the interest and helps forecast the volume of potential loans in process.  Overall, the mortgage lead volume for home purchase and refinance rose a modest 6.6% on a seasonally adjusted basis from 514.4 one week earlier.  On an unadjusted basis, the Index increased 6.0% compared with the previous week and increased 17.2% compared with the same week one year earlier. 

The refinance lead totals rose 5.9% to 2116.3 from 1998.1 the previous week and the seasonally adjusted Purchase Index increased 7.3% to 280.3 from 261.2 one week earlier.  MBA reported that the Refinance Index rose 12.6% from the previous week and is the highest Refinance Index observed in the survey since the week ending May 22, 2009.

The home purchase lead volumes dipped 3.3% from one week earlier. The unadjusted Purchase Index decreased 3.8% compared with the previous week and was 36.0% lower than the same week one year ago. According to MBA’s vice president Michael Fratantoni,”As the financial market continues to show signs of volatility, mortgage rates dropped again last week, with rates on 15-year loans reaching a record low for the MBA survey.  Fratantoni continued, “Home loan applications dropped for the seventh time in the last eight weeks, keeping the purchase index near 13-year lows.”

According to Lead Planet, economist, Kevin Grant, “The refinance lead activity has been surging since the homebuyer tax credits expired at the end of April.”  Grant continued, “Interest rates have crept lower and homeowners appear to be making one last attempt to for mortgage refinancing in an effort to lock into a fixed rate loan when the market bottoms out for low interest rates.”  Mortgage refinance leads have made up of nearly 77% of all mortgage loan activity online last week. MBA reported that this was the highest market-share for refinance leads in the weekly survey since April 2009.   Article was written by Timmy Jackson