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According to recent mortgage news, the Home Loan Wholesale blog posted an article about the negative impact that the Dodd-Frank mortgage reform bill will have on mortgage originators across the country.  loan originator may not receive any origination fee, whether or not a YSP, except from the consumer, and any person who knows that a consumer is directly compensating a loan originator may not pay an origination fee. (Bona fide third party charges that are not retained by the creditor, mortgage originator, or an affiliate of the creditor or mortgage originator are not considered origination fees). If you need a FHA loan for bad credit, there are still a few lenders that are offering government insured solutions.

Section 129B further directs the Board to write lending regulations to prohibit:

  • loan originators from steering a consumer to obtain a home loan that the consumer lacks a reasonable ability to repay;
  • originators from steering a consumer to obtain a loan that has predatory characteristics (such as equity stripping, excessive fees, or abusive terms);
  • loan originators from steering a consumer from a “qualified home loan” for which the consumer is qualified to a home mortgage loan that is not a qualified home loan;
  • abusive or unfair lending practices that promote “disparities” among equally creditworthy borrowers based on race, ethnicity, gender, or age;
  • home loan originators from mischaracterizing a consumer’s credit history or the available loans or mischaracterizing or suborning the mischaracterizing of the appraised value of the property securing the loan; and
  • if a loan originator is unable to advise or recommend a loan that is not more expensive than the loan for which a consumer qualifies, discouraging a borrower from seeking a mortgage from another loan professional.

Read the entire article, > How the Dodd-Frank Bill Will Impact YSP and Broker Compensation



In a recent blog posting, the Home Loan Wholesale revealed their insight for breaking home mortgage trends in 2012. They noted the challenged that consumers and loan professionals will have with higher rates and new mortgage laws that could tighten loan guidelines even more.

At a time when foreclosure rates are sky-rocketing and the process for funding a loan has become ridiculous — Is this what we need to escape the housing crisis? I think not, but nonetheless, the article puts forth the home loan programs they see playing a role in financing and home mortgage refinancing in 2012.  Sure there are less no-prime and stated income home loans being offered but the HARP program should still be considered as aggressive. When buying mortgage leads consider these trends and adjust your marketing accordingly.

  • FHA Loans – These government home loans will continue to help new home buyers because of the small down-payments needed to buy a home. Forget about the rising insurance costs and FHA rates, FHA is the only program the average consumer has available to buy a home.
  • VA Loans – This program remains accessible to vets and active military personnel with flexible guidelines that can’t be beat.
  • Conventional Mortgages – If the rates continue with their current trend, most mortgage lenders will be bored in 2011 for the lack of business.

Loan professionals may have some challenges ahead of them, so buying mortgage leads that perform is more important than ever.  Make sure that you are evaluating marketing and mortgage lead performance more than ever. Read the complete article from the Home Loan Wholesale Blog > 2011 Home Loan Programs



Mortgage Broker Leads

14th September 2010

Over the last twenty years mortgage broker leads have shifted from direct mail to internet mortgage marketing.  In 2010, U.S. Consumers are more likely to go online to search for mortgage brokers to help them get the best rate for refinancing or home buying.  If you would have told me that in 1995, when I started originated that people would prefer to go online to apply for a home loan I would have fell out of my chair laughing.  Back then, direct mail consistenly delivered quality mortgage leads, but a few years later everything changed with the advent of the internet.  Now consumers go online 24 hours a day and apply for a mortgage at their convience.  At the same time, loan professionals can now get internet mortgage leads 24 hours a day. 

We offer a wide range of live mortgage leads nationally.  Mortgage brokers can choose from the following types:

MLV is a mortgage lead provider that generated loan leads online for thousands of brokers and lenders every day.