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Mortgage Lead Vault has numerous mortgage loan portals that receive high traffic and a significant amount of quality mortgage leads from consumers that want to refinance, purchase or request a loan modification from a lending professional.
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Now more than ever it is important that loan companies maximize internet mortgage leads, because they are cost-effective and can be managed pretty easily with today’s technology. Mortgage company owners and sales managers trust internet mortgage leads, because they are easily distributed and the conversion rates are consistent.

I noticed that Loan Bright was sending out emails with the subject line, “Internet Leads Suck”. I had to give them credit because; I found it interesting that a lead generation company would send bulk-emails saying this. That’s like the Lakers doing a press conference leading with, Kobe Bryant is no good.”  As I continued to read more, they quickly turned it into a pitch to buy there leads but it got me thinking — They were right, internet mortgage leads can difficult to convert if you do not have the right approach. This type of mortgage marketing needs to have a pragmatic approach for successful loan origination.

Higher Conversions with Internet Mortgage Leads

The Mortgage Lead Vault provides a wide variety of home loan leads in all 50 states in an effort to help loan companies maximize the lending niches. Online mortgage leads can be tricky if you find yourself buying marketing from lead brokers rather than lead generators.

Find out why thousands of lenders, brokers and banks continue to purchase internet mortgage leads from MLV every year. Our internet mortgage marketing team generates thousands of mortgage leads every day.

• Save money with a blended mix of refinance and purchase leads

• Choose Filters like, rate and term refinance, cash out, home improvement, home purchase, etc.

• Conventional, FHA leads, VA leads, USDA leads, Debt leads, Loan Modification Leads, etc.

• No set up fees charged

• Flexible policy for lead returns

• Choose from Live, Real Time and Aged mortgage leads

Are you ready for internet mortgage marketing solutions that work? Let’s get started, call us now at 619-600-5720.

The Mortgage Lead Vault has been arming loan originators since 2000. We had record year for mortgage lead generation in 2010, connecting nearly a million mortgage leads to over 5,000 lending companies nationally.



Mortgage Lead Generation Tips

09th February 2011

Internet mortgage lead generation continues to be a hot topic for lending companies across the country.  With not all companies being able to afford the Lending Tree, many companies are searching for a good mortgage lead generator to help them harvest leads organically online.  In a recent article, Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan said, “The best mortgage lead generators understand the niches and needs of the brokers and lenders who are originating loans in 2011.”

These days homeowners are looking for companies that can offer a “no fee refinance” at a discounted interest rate. Customer service has also become fashionable with prospects shopping for lending sources online.

Tips for Mortgage Lead Generation

  1. Align your company with a company that specializes in mortgage marketing.
  2. Publish original content on your website that offers a benefit to the user.
  3. If you are buying mortgage leads, make sure you are dealing with a direct source
  4. Invest your marketing dollar with several lead companies.
  5. Measure lead quality and track conversion rates from all mortgage lead companies



Lead Generation Tips

25th August 2010 published a helpful report on lead generation. The marketing article is an indepth step by step on how to generate more mortgage leads. Once again, this report goes beyond mortgage lead generation in an effort to increase sales and conversions ratios.  

The focus is to implement a process of cultivating quality mortgage leads online that meet your lending niches.  The report breaks down several strategies recommended to deliver more relevant leads to your sales team.  For a limited time,, invites you to the B2B Marketing Summit 2010. 

Tips on Generating Leads Online

  • How to convert 11% more home loan leads in the first 24 hours of the loan shopping process.
  • How to uncover new opportunities within your mortgage lead generation campaigns with “mortgage turn-down” leads