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Top 5 Mortgage Leads Requested

24th January 2011

Most loan professionals are aware that as lending guidelines change so does the demand for a variety of mortgage lead types.  As new loan programs arise, new lending niches are created and this changes the popularity for online mortgage leads.

In 2011 there could be a shift in internet mortgage leads requested.  Here are what we forecast as the most sought after leads this year.

1. FHA Leads This government program continues to support most brokers and lenders because the FHA mortgage programs have more flexible credit guidelines than conventional and jumbo loan products.

2. VA Leads – Once again, the VA loan product is the most aggressive loan for refinancing or buying. The only issue is that only military personnel, family or veterans qualify.

3.  Purchase Leads – The home buying market is coming back.  Rates remain very affordable and home prices have fallen to an appealing level for first time home-buyers and homeowners that plan to move in 2011.

4. Mortgage Refinance Leads – Let’s face it brokers and lenders are addicted to refinance leads but the volume will be down significantly from 2010 levels because rates are higher.

5. Reverse Mortgage Leads – There are still a lot of homeowners out there that will benefit from a reverse home loan.



The Lead Planet announced several new lead generation initiatives for loan companies looking to increase their local market-share by purchasing high quality internet mortgage leads.  Companies like The Lending Tree and Lead Planet have extended new internet mortgage marketing strategies that are worth considering. The Mortgage Lead Vault is an internet mortgage lead company that offers a wide range of lead types such as:

  • Conventional Refinance Leads
  • FHA Mortgage Leads
  • VA Loan Leads
  • New Home Buying Leads
  • Jumbo Mortgage Leads
  • Loan Modification Leads
  • Underwater Refinance Leads
  • Foreclosure Relief Leads
  • Debt Settlement Leads
  • HARP Mortgage Leads
  • Streamline Refi Leads

Get started with an internet mortgage marketing program today that meets your budget and helps your business grow!



Show me a loan shop that doesn’t want better mortgage leads and I’ll show you a company that is not going to make it in this competitive market. Most of you have heard how important social media marketing is to your mortgage marketing strategy, but many of you are not sure why…or even how to get started. If you’re ready to improve your reputation online and increase the conversion rate on the internet mortgage leads let’s get started.

Drive Better Mortgage Leads with Social Media Networks

Do you want to integrate Facebook into your mortgage marketing plan? Now you can learn how to expand mortgage lead generation with a business Facebook page. You’ll be ready to set up your own page and will have plenty of ideas to hit the ground running to use it effectively!

You’ll also learn how to approach building a fan base and find out the facts that you need to know in order to make wise decisions about how to integrate your Facebook page into your marketing communications strategy.

Search engine optimization, reputation management and Facebook can work together positively to maximize your exposure online.  Believe it or not, Facebook, YouTube and even Twitter have their place in your mortgage marketing campaigns. Take advantage of today’s technology and add social media to your marketing plan for 2011.

Mortgage-Marketing Objectives:

  • Find out why Facebook should be part of your marketing strategy
  • Understanding the concept inbound social media marketing, as well as its power and benefits
  • How to create a Facebook page for your mortgage company
  • Establishing appropriate settings and applications
  • Building and managing your fans
  • Do’s and don’ts of using your business Facebook page effectively

For more details, contact the Lead Planet or visit the Mortgage Training Center online.