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Live Mortgage Leads

11th December 2010

Ask loan officers anywhere in the country and they will tell you that the best lead type is live mortgage leads.  Loan shops like live mortgage leads for many reasons.  First and foremost, they perform well.  Loan officers have a higher conversion rate with live transfers and real-time mortgage leads.  Our lead buying clients would agree that the faster their loan officers can get the lead the more likely they are to submit a loan into process. 

Live Mortgage Lead Options to Close More Loans

Live mortgage leads are great for loan professionals who do not want to waste time when the come in the office.  If you have loan officers on your staff that like to come in and originate that nothing beats live mortgage leads.  They are cost-effective and much less expensive than radio or television leads.  Through the use of an online quotes system, agents have the ability to buy and receive mortgage leads quickly and efficiently.  Live transfer leads are generated online exclusively for the purpose of connecting an interested loan prospect with a licensed loan officer. We are a mortgage lead company that believes that live mortgage leads offer the best experience for consumers shopping for home loans online and the conversion rates speak for themselves.



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