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The Lead Planet publishes another article worth reading if you care about maximizing your mortgage marketing dollars.  The mortgage lead company discussed the importance of working purchase and refinance leads in today’s mortgage industry climate.  Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan said, “Rates may be at record lows but guidelines are the tightest they have been in at least 15 years.”  Dornan continued, “Loan officers need to multi task more and build some relationships that start with purchase leads.”  It’s a purchase market that is flourishing right now.  Home purchase loans have a priority with loans in process for the major banks like BofA, Chase and Wells Fargo. 

The Lead Planet points out that direct mail marketing costs have risen and the return rates have been lower because of the saturation. Most mortgage shops “are surviving with internet mortgage leads, but the companies that seem to be funding the most loans every month are the shops that are buying both purchase and refinance leads.”  The Lead Planet recommends buying blended mix of both purchase and refinance leads.  Take a minute and call the Lead Planet at 619-600-5720 and get a complimentary mortgage lead evaluation.  Read the original article online at > Originate More Loans Buying Purchase and Refinance Leads.


Mortgage lead sales continue to rise as many loan companies are looking to expand their market-share while interest rates are at record lows.  According to Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan, “Consider the cost per funding rather than the cost per lead.  Many lead brokers sell cheap mortgage leads but at when you evaluate the results, that company ends up having a higher cost to funding ratio. So why focus on buying leads solely because they are cheap?  Buying cheap leads from brokers will end up driving your loan officers’ nuts and drives up your credit report bills.  It is clearly more cost-effective to get better mortgage marketing and buy mortgage leads that cost a little more up front, but actually offer a reduced cost to funding ratio.

Some other tips for purchasing home loan leads that Dornan recommends are predicated on developing a good relationship with the lead generation company that provides stellar customer service.  Call 888-271-9581 to get a free evaluation on mortgage lead buying.  Our account managers will assess you needs, niches and then make a recommendation for buying mortgage leads.  There is no cost or obligation for the lead generation consultation so you have nothing to lose.


More and more loan originators are buying Pennsylvania mortgage leads in last quarter because the conversion rate is well above average compared with other states. Pennsylvania homeowners and new home-buyers go online in high volume searching for Pennsylvania home loan companies to help them get pre-approved for a purchase loan or to simply to refinance their existing mortgage. 

According to Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan, a direct lead provider that generates leads nationally, “Pennsylvania mortgage leads have increased in the last few months because rates remain at record low’s and Pennsylvania borrowers are securing more jobs.”  Dornan continued, “With mortgage rates hovering 5%, Pennsylvania housing is more affordable than ever.”  FHA leads continues to be the most popular lead type because the guidelines are more flexible for credit and equity.

Call 619-600-5720 to discuss buying Pennsylvania mortgage leads. 


Local Lenders from Wells Fargo and Bank of America have reported a surge in FHA refinance applications and new home purchase inquiries for short sale and bank owner REO properties.

Focus on FHA Mortgages and Foreclosure Prevention

According to Bryan Dornan, founder of the Lead Planet, a mortgage lead generation company that provides real time internet loan modification, refinance and FHA leads said, “Mortgage lead volumes are up again, with interest rates hitting record low’s and borrowers becoming more comfortable taking out home loans as the real estate market is getting near the bottom.”

Here is an overview on loan modification, FHA mortgage lending and foreclosure prevention legislation: Lender loan workouts have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners renegotiate a lower rate in an effort to make their home loan more affordable.  The banks are overloaded with foreclosures and the uncertainty in the housing market has made the lenders debate on loan modifications, a no brainer.

California Mortgage and Loan Modification Law Updates

In November 2007, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and several lenders announced a voluntary agreement meant to encourage loan modifications for borrowers facing foreclosure.

SB 1137: Created a 30-day waiting period before lenders could file a notice of default; required lenders to maintain foreclosed properties; notification for renters in foreclosed properties.

AB/SB 7 (Second Extraordinary Session): Enacts a 90-day foreclosure moratorium, except for mortgage lenders and loan servicers that have entered into a loan modification program.

Government level

FHA Secure looked good on paper but failed miserably because mortgage lenders refused to adapt to the FHA refinance program that was designed to bail out distressed homeowners who could not afford their adjustable rate mortgage.

Hope NOW: Program created in 2007 to encourage lenders to work with struggling borrowers. A mortgage industry group said the program has helped 2.3 million people avoid foreclosure.

President Obama’s plan: The $75 billion program aims to help 9 million struggling buyers refinance or obtain loan modifications. But many Inland homeowners may not qualify.

Pending state bills

AB 34 (Nava, D-Santa Barbara): Contains new licensing and regulation requirements for mortgage originators.

AB 260 (Lieu, D-Torrance): Imposes restrictions on subprime loans and new rules for mortgage brokers and real-estate lenders.

AB 329 (Feuer, D-Los Angeles): Creates new disclosure rules for reverse mortgages.

AB 603 (Price, D-Inglewood): Prevents for one year the eviction of renters living in a foreclosed property.

SB 94 (Calderon, D-Montebello): Prohibits advance fees for loan modifications.

SB 120 (Lowenthal, D-Long Beach): Creates protections for renters living in foreclosed homes, such as return of security deposits.

SB 239 (Pavley, D-Agoura Hills): Creates a new crime of mortgage fraud.