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Mortgage Lead Vault has numerous mortgage loan portals that receive high traffic and a significant amount of quality mortgage leads from consumers that want to refinance, purchase or request a loan modification from a lending professional.
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In Los Angeles, California, Kelly Media Group, introduced a mortgage lead special in which the mortgage marketing agency is matching direct mail marketing campaigns with voice broadcasting.  The minimum direct mailing is 20,000 mail pieces that do not have to be mailed all at once.  The new KMG lead generation offer is available for loan modification, debt relief and mortgage lead campaigns.

In Aliso Viejo, Calif., the Citywide Mortgage Corporation, which previously brokered Alt-A and subprime mortgages, last year became a loan modification company, USMAC. The loss mitigation company has not received a cease and desist order, but complaints on numerous consumer Web sites assert that it fails to deliver.  “I’m saving homes,” said the company’s president, Scott Gimbel, who claimed a success rate above 70%.

Chris Mozilo, nephew of Angelo R. Mozilo, the former chief executive of Countrywide Financial a name synonymous with the subprime disaster — recently started a new business, eModifyMyLoan. The loan modification software company enables homeowners to apply for a loan modification online.  Chris Mozilo worked at Countrywide for 16 years. “I’m very proud of my career in mortgage lending,” he said. “We helped millions of people achieve the goal of homeownership.”


Kelly Media Group President, Jason Cardiff remains optimistic of a possible rebound for the housing sector in 2009 because of the significant efforts from the mortgage powerhouses to lower mortgage rates and make credit more available for refinancing and new home financing.  

In a recent Real Estate Related News article Jason Cardiff said, “2009 may see the housing sectors and mortgage markets rebound after all.”  He continued, “The Federal Reserve showed their commitment with record low rate cuts to fight deflation and many financial insiders believe the President Elect, Barrack Obama will be aggressive in an effort to stem the foreclosure mess.” 

HUD continues to release new FHA loan products that offer solutions for mortgage refinancing with Hope for Homeowners.  Read the complete story > Will Credit and Mortgage Markets Rebound in 2009?