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Mortgage Lead Vault has numerous mortgage loan portals that receive high traffic and a significant amount of quality mortgage leads from consumers that want to refinance, purchase or request a loan modification from a lending professional.
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Local Lenders from Wells Fargo and Bank of America have reported a surge in FHA refinance applications and new home purchase inquiries for short sale and bank owner REO properties.

Focus on FHA Mortgages and Foreclosure Prevention

According to Bryan Dornan, founder of the Lead Planet, a mortgage lead generation company that provides real time internet loan modification, refinance and FHA leads said, “Mortgage lead volumes are up again, with interest rates hitting record low’s and borrowers becoming more comfortable taking out home loans as the real estate market is getting near the bottom.”

Here is an overview on loan modification, FHA mortgage lending and foreclosure prevention legislation: Lender loan workouts have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners renegotiate a lower rate in an effort to make their home loan more affordable.  The banks are overloaded with foreclosures and the uncertainty in the housing market has made the lenders debate on loan modifications, a no brainer.

California Mortgage and Loan Modification Law Updates

In November 2007, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and several lenders announced a voluntary agreement meant to encourage loan modifications for borrowers facing foreclosure.

SB 1137: Created a 30-day waiting period before lenders could file a notice of default; required lenders to maintain foreclosed properties; notification for renters in foreclosed properties.

AB/SB 7 (Second Extraordinary Session): Enacts a 90-day foreclosure moratorium, except for mortgage lenders and loan servicers that have entered into a loan modification program.

Government level

FHA Secure looked good on paper but failed miserably because mortgage lenders refused to adapt to the FHA refinance program that was designed to bail out distressed homeowners who could not afford their adjustable rate mortgage.

Hope NOW: Program created in 2007 to encourage lenders to work with struggling borrowers. A mortgage industry group said the program has helped 2.3 million people avoid foreclosure.

President Obama’s plan: The $75 billion program aims to help 9 million struggling buyers refinance or obtain loan modifications. But many Inland homeowners may not qualify.

Pending state bills

AB 34 (Nava, D-Santa Barbara): Contains new licensing and regulation requirements for mortgage originators.

AB 260 (Lieu, D-Torrance): Imposes restrictions on subprime loans and new rules for mortgage brokers and real-estate lenders.

AB 329 (Feuer, D-Los Angeles): Creates new disclosure rules for reverse mortgages.

AB 603 (Price, D-Inglewood): Prevents for one year the eviction of renters living in a foreclosed property.

SB 94 (Calderon, D-Montebello): Prohibits advance fees for loan modifications.

SB 120 (Lowenthal, D-Long Beach): Creates protections for renters living in foreclosed homes, such as return of security deposits.

SB 239 (Pavley, D-Agoura Hills): Creates a new crime of mortgage fraud.


Click to Call lead generation technology is connects prospects with live telephone operators instantly.  Lead generation companies have used this live transfer technology on their websites to help generate leads because it works. The concept is simple and very effective. A simple click on a company’s site and you are on the phone with customer support for that company in seconds. The kicker is that it will not cost the prospect a cent.

There are several effective methods for using “click to call” technology on websites to connect to call centers as well. Many mortgage lead companies have implemented live transfer leads technology on their sites in an effort to increase lead generation.  These lead generations technology, when implemented correctly, can increase sales and lead count.

The click to call technology allows transferring a user on the computer to a lead in matter of seconds. When done correctly and efficiently, this can be a powerful tool to increase sales and leads. You will be limited to what the user has available to them. The most effective way to catch most, if not all prospects that wish to contact you is to have various options available. This may not be possible due to budgeting issues; but choosing the right form of communication is imperative. The more ways you provide to be able to communicate, the better off you will be.

Jamie Dober recommends visiting the following marketing resource pages:  Check out KMG, a Full-Service Marketing Company and Lead Generation Company that can help increase your lead volumes cost effectively.  Article Source:


In Los Angeles, California, Kelly Media Group, introduced a mortgage lead special in which the mortgage marketing agency is matching direct mail marketing campaigns with voice broadcasting.  The minimum direct mailing is 20,000 mail pieces that do not have to be mailed all at once.  The new KMG lead generation offer is available for loan modification, debt relief and mortgage lead campaigns.

In Aliso Viejo, Calif., the Citywide Mortgage Corporation, which previously brokered Alt-A and subprime mortgages, last year became a loan modification company, USMAC. The loss mitigation company has not received a cease and desist order, but complaints on numerous consumer Web sites assert that it fails to deliver.  “I’m saving homes,” said the company’s president, Scott Gimbel, who claimed a success rate above 70%.

Chris Mozilo, nephew of Angelo R. Mozilo, the former chief executive of Countrywide Financial a name synonymous with the subprime disaster — recently started a new business, eModifyMyLoan. The loan modification software company enables homeowners to apply for a loan modification online.  Chris Mozilo worked at Countrywide for 16 years. “I’m very proud of my career in mortgage lending,” he said. “We helped millions of people achieve the goal of homeownership.”


Robert Black has a growing loss mitigation company that has seen some positive results from live transfer mortgage leads that were generated from voice broadcasting technology.  The mortgage modification organization also reported good results from no equity and poor credit internet mortgage leads and direct mail marketing.


Voice broadcasting leads are available from companies like the Experian and the Lead Planet.  The former mortgage broker runs a growing loan modification company and recently tested “Press 1” leads for foreclosure prevention. They advertise using the Voice Broadcasting method and it is a communication technique to reach more number of customers in a simple way. This is a fast and cost effective method and many of the lead generation companies have reported conversion rates in double digits. Black says that this lead generation system enables easy management for the loan modification leads. The voice broadcasting leads are available from companies like the Experian and the Lead Planet.  Read more at Live Transfer Leads Offer High Conversions When Voice Broadcasting.


LeadPoint announced recently that they would be hosting a marketing ecent at the 4uexpo where they promised to show why mortgage lead generation continues to be the fastest growing sector for search marketing online. 

“In the current economic climate, business increases faster with performance based advertising sources forms that help generate new business opportunity. Accordingt to Alain Desmier, LeadPoint, “The A4uexpo is one of the leading events for the digital marketing industry and this year LeadPoint will be hosting a session explaining how digital marketers and advertisers can profit from lead generation.”

LeadPoint currently trades Mortgage, Loan, Private Medical Insurance, Debt Management & IVA and Life Insurance leads with ASU leads due in the coming weeks. Mortgage lead Buyers can create a LeadPoint account for free and start purchasing leads within a matter of minutes after signing up. LeadPoint allows companies to generate new business as well as complement their existing business by getting into new markets.  A4uexpo is an affiliate marketing conference and exhibition held over two days on October 14th and 15th at London’s ExCel Centre. lead providers because so many broker, lenders and banks have gone out of business.

“Anybody attending the session will get an unparalleled insight into the fastest growing sector of online advertising,” said Desmier. “There will be a number of experts debating various issues in the industry and hopefully people will come away with a fairly comprehensive understanding of the opportunity that lead generation provides.”