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Missouri Mortgage Leads for $12

21st December 2010

The volume for Missouri mortgage leads continues to rise in 2010, as home values in the “Show Me” state have started to rebound.  In an effort to help match Missouri borrowers with competitive lenders, the Mortgage Lead Vault announced Missouri Mortgage Leads would be offered at a flat $12 for the rest of January.  MLV recently announced alliances with the Lead Planet and Lenders Nationwide.  Missouri loan originators can purchase FHA leads, VA Leads and conventional Missouri leads for a flat discounted price of $12 per lead.  Choose from non-exclusive and exclusive mortgage lead campaigns.  Call 619-600-5720 to get started.


Mortgage lead sales continue to rise as many loan companies are looking to expand their market-share while interest rates are at record lows.  According to Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan, “Consider the cost per funding rather than the cost per lead.  Many lead brokers sell cheap mortgage leads but at when you evaluate the results, that company ends up having a higher cost to funding ratio. So why focus on buying leads solely because they are cheap?  Buying cheap leads from brokers will end up driving your loan officers’ nuts and drives up your credit report bills.  It is clearly more cost-effective to get better mortgage marketing and buy mortgage leads that cost a little more up front, but actually offer a reduced cost to funding ratio.

Some other tips for purchasing home loan leads that Dornan recommends are predicated on developing a good relationship with the lead generation company that provides stellar customer service.  Call 888-271-9581 to get a free evaluation on mortgage lead buying.  Our account managers will assess you needs, niches and then make a recommendation for buying mortgage leads.  There is no cost or obligation for the lead generation consultation so you have nothing to lose.


The San Diego based mortgage lead company, Lead Planet announced Monday that the company was rolling out new incentives for companies seeking advanced mortgage lead generation services.  The lead generation company provides internet mortgage leads to banks, mortgage lender and brokers nationally.  The Lead Planet has been selling exclusive leads and generating mortgage leads online organically for over a decade.  Now the lead company has partnered with Nationwide Marketing in an effort to extend their services to include mortgage SEO, mortgage marketing and web development for mortgage, real estate and debt relief companies. 


According to Southern California mortgage brokers, the average interest rate on a thirty-year mortgage loan with a fixed rate dropped last week back down to the 5% range.  Mortgage rates declined down from the 5.25% to 5.5% range last month as the U.S. unemployment rate hit 9.5%.  Lead Executive, Dan Ambrose of the Lead Planet, a direct mortgage lead provider that specializes in high quality internet leads, said that, ”The demand for mortgage and loan modification leads increases every time the rates decline in the marketplace for consumers.” 

A soft economy means investors buy U.S. Treasuries for their safety, which drags down their yields and indirectly leads to lower fixed mortgage rates. California borrowers with good credit today can get a 30-year conforming, VA, or FHA mortgage as low as 4.875% with 0.625-point fee, said Jeff Lazerson, head of online brokerage Mortgage Grader in Laguna Niguel. That’s for “conventional” loans up to $417,000 that can be sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  In most cases, these mortgage loans carry the lowest rates on the mortgage market. “Interest rates are lower because putting lipstick on a pig only works until you take a closer look…it’s still a pig,” Lazerson said. “In other words, the government and the Wall Street gatekeepers have been hyping that the economy is getting better. It’s not getting better. Some say, California consumers aren’t spending because they are worried about their jobs, if they haven’t already lost their jobs.”