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Mortgage Lead Vault has numerous mortgage loan portals that receive high traffic and a significant amount of quality mortgage leads from consumers that want to refinance, purchase or request a loan modification from a lending professional.
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Click to Call lead generation technology is connects prospects with live telephone operators instantly.  Lead generation companies have used this live transfer technology on their websites to help generate leads because it works. The concept is simple and very effective. A simple click on a company’s site and you are on the phone with customer support for that company in seconds. The kicker is that it will not cost the prospect a cent.

There are several effective methods for using “click to call” technology on websites to connect to call centers as well. Many mortgage lead companies have implemented live transfer leads technology on their sites in an effort to increase lead generation.  These lead generations technology, when implemented correctly, can increase sales and lead count.

The click to call technology allows transferring a user on the computer to a lead in matter of seconds. When done correctly and efficiently, this can be a powerful tool to increase sales and leads. You will be limited to what the user has available to them. The most effective way to catch most, if not all prospects that wish to contact you is to have various options available. This may not be possible due to budgeting issues; but choosing the right form of communication is imperative. The more ways you provide to be able to communicate, the better off you will be.

Jamie Dober recommends visiting the following marketing resource pages:  Check out KMG, a Full-Service Marketing Company and Lead Generation Company that can help increase your lead volumes cost effectively.  Article Source:


Live Transfer Leads

08th December 2009

Watch Press 1 Campaign Video for Lead Generation

KMG talking about Voice Broadcasting and the Press 1 conference calls that have been quite a hit with debt settlement companies, mortgage lenders and loan modification companies. Kelly Media Group provides powerful marketing tools to generate a high volume of quality leads.- Live Transfer Leads stream with click to call technology

– Outbound Dialing and live telephone operators help improve customer service and increase sales!

– Press 1 Campaigns – Voice Broadcasting helps get leads quickly