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Mortgage Lead Vault has numerous mortgage loan portals that receive high traffic and a significant amount of quality mortgage leads from consumers that want to refinance, purchase or request a loan modification from a lending professional.
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The LendingTree, continues to lead online mortgage lending, as they recently released several new mortgage lead products focused on assisting LendingTree Exchange lenders be successful with consumers landing at their website. “Our goal is to remain an essential and important partner to our Lender Exchange, providing them a consistent source of high-quality consumers who are ready to work with top-notch lenders to meet their financial needs,” says Bob Harris, LendingTree Exchange President. “Consumer demand remains very high at and we are constantly looking at ways where we can innovate and grow our product and service offerings to expand our Exchange FHA home loan lenders’ top and bottom line results.”


According to Southern California mortgage brokers, the average interest rate on a thirty-year mortgage loan with a fixed rate dropped last week back down to the 5% range.  Mortgage rates declined down from the 5.25% to 5.5% range last month as the U.S. unemployment rate hit 9.5%.  Lead Executive, Dan Ambrose of the Lead Planet, a direct mortgage lead provider that specializes in high quality internet leads, said that, ”The demand for mortgage and loan modification leads increases every time the rates decline in the marketplace for consumers.” 

A soft economy means investors buy U.S. Treasuries for their safety, which drags down their yields and indirectly leads to lower fixed mortgage rates. California borrowers with good credit today can get a 30-year conforming, VA, or FHA mortgage as low as 4.875% with 0.625-point fee, said Jeff Lazerson, head of online brokerage Mortgage Grader in Laguna Niguel. That’s for “conventional” loans up to $417,000 that can be sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  In most cases, these mortgage loans carry the lowest rates on the mortgage market. “Interest rates are lower because putting lipstick on a pig only works until you take a closer look…it’s still a pig,” Lazerson said. “In other words, the government and the Wall Street gatekeepers have been hyping that the economy is getting better. It’s not getting better. Some say, California consumers aren’t spending because they are worried about their jobs, if they haven’t already lost their jobs.” 


Mortgage Lead Vault announced a new lead generation service offering loan modification leads to foreclosure prevention companies and law firms.  According to Mortgage Lead Vault executive Dan Ambrose, “loan modification companies are popping up everywhere because there aren’t enough loss and mitigation specialists available to service and assist the homeowners facing foreclosure.  Recent foreclosure reports indicate that millions of Americans being delinquent on their mortgage.

Home loan defaults continue to rise month after month as the foreclosure crisis spreads like a Southern California wild fire.  Foreclosure prevention companies have been emerging as the demand for assistance to stop or delay the foreclosure proceedings has become a business.  Mortgage brokers and lenders have been converting their mortgage origination shop into loan modification companies because mortgage restructuring has become much more popular and realistic than mortgage refinancing.  Last year, most lead generation companies reported that FHA loan leads were the most popular request from lending company, but mortgage modification leads have clearly shifted the focus for marketing purposes.

Mortgage Lead Vault provides loan modification leads to attorneys and mortgage professional with exclusive or shared lead options.  The leads are driven from loan modification websites that aggregate leads online directly from homeowners requesting professional assistance for foreclosure prevention.